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[Entry 10] Oh my, what's this?

 Hello again, everyone! ^^ Back from China~! I-I'm sorry I kind of left without saying a word, but I'm not even sure of what happened myself... One minute I was in the hotel back at Italy, the next I was back home-- in my time frame, I mean (where the usual chaos is still taking place, by the way :D). When I returned to this time frame, I was somehow in China with Master! I guess my younger self suddenly missed him and decided to go visit. How I got there safely without getting lost, I will never know... ^^;

My guess is the tyl!bazooka still isn't working properly-- or it was for a while, but then got broken again. *sigh* Which is really worrisome, but I'm glad to be back! Really! I missed you all-- and I brought everyone some souvenirs. Please do feel free to stop by my room to pick them up! :D

Speaking of my room, I'm sharing with... Leonardo-san, right? Pleasure to meet you! ^^ I just know we'll get along great! I can't wait to meet face to face (as you currently don't seem to be around; I'm trying to make myself at home without touching your belongings-- h-hope you don't mind! *worries*).

I also see many other new faces-- To anyone I haven't had the pleasure of meeting: hello! My name is I-pin, please take care of me! *humble bow* It's very nice to meet you. *beams* I can't wait to get to know everyone! Oh, and if you're interested in some souvenirs as well, please feel free to drop by anytime! I brought enough for an army. ^^; I'm in Room 2! See you around, hopefully!

  -- I-pin

On another note: Mafia-land looks like so much fun! It's so nice of them to provide us with clothing, too-- this 'toga' makes for such a pretty dress~! It's made of such fine silk, and by hand, it seems! It's so comfortable to wear~ ^^ I can't wait to see what they'll make us wear next! *A*

{ooc: lfkjs, hi, I-pin's back, as happy and wordy as ever. LONG POST IS LONG, ahahahahah. :'D P-please don't bully her, ok? KTHX. xD}

[Entry 9] Merry Christmas!

  W-wow, Christmas already! Time sure flew by! It seems like yesterday when we arrived in Italy in the summer, and now here we are, in the not-so cold (well, it's Italy, after all! But it still is chilly). That being said--

Merry Christmas, everybody!

May all your Christmas dreams come true!
♥ As for myself, I was busy Christmas Eve helping out in the kitchen; Chef-san and the rest were very busy with the Christmas dinners. I did, however, manage to find the time to make a Christmas cake for everyone! They are currently in the kitchen, but I'll get them to each and every one of you somehow, promise! Hope you like them. ^^

As for myself, I was happy enough with that game station I got the other day from the random guy! (as Ryo-nii took mine ;A;) I was walking down the street the other day when I saw this guy holding a HUGE BOX with the latest model! He noticed me staring and asked if I "liked his package". I said I did, but wow, I didn't know it'll be that huge! He just sorta grinned (which confused me-- did I say something funny?) and told me that if I'd like, he'd "show me exactly how well it works later". I was, of course, thrilled because wow, a chance to play with it! But right after that, some man came running towards us, screaming in angry Italian. The guy I was with panicked for some reason, shoved the package at me, and ran away, yelling out that I could have it if I wanted it and he'd make sure to find some time to play with me someday. Uuuum, ok? T-thinking back at it, I hope he made it out okay! (but really, I am just happy to have a new game console, yaaay). :D;;

Anyone else have any plans for today? Whatever they are, I hope they are filled with the joy and wonder of the season. :D Have a good one!

[ooc: ...what.]

Sono spiacente che li danneggio....

Hah, practicing my Italian? Today's an emotionally taxing day... *sad smile*

Before I begin on to my depressing musings, I'd like to say this: Hope you have a very happy birthday, Gokudera-san. Even though I hate you right now for hurting Kyouya-nii I don't approve of what you did, I really am in no position to talk about being considerate of other's feelings, so~ *sigh* Just... take care of Kyouya-nii, alright? Quit fighting all the time and work on strengthening your bond. I wish you the best on your special day. Really.

Now, moving on to the heart of the matter... (please, don't read this unless it concerns you, for I really don't want to be responsible for ruining anyone's happy mood... Though, if it doesn't bother you, then by all means. I could use some advice right now.)

Apparently I am incredibly oblivious. I couldn't see the love two people who were right under my nose on a daily basis had for me. I hurt one of them terribly. The other one was incredibly understanding.

The first broke my heart, but that's okay; It's only fair since I broke his first, right? Damn, I'm so, so sorry.

The second... Is it possible to be so nice and sweet? Thank you so much for being inhumanely supporting.
I just wanted to say, to you two: Thank you. Thank you so much, for everything you've done, for all the good times, for all the smiles and laughs, but mostly importantly, for giving me your precious love. Me, the least indicated person to get it, and probably the least deserving, too.

I-- I love you too. Very, very much; however, it's probably not the way you want me to... I don't know. I don't understand my own feelings; I only recently realized I might be in love, and----


....I'm going out for a while, if that's alright? I need some time for myself. Please excuse me and my ramblings. I just... I wanted to let you know. Sorry for bothering you.

I'll-- *troubled look* I'll be leaving now. Good-bye.

[ooc: T^T And thus, the drama continues.. Oh my, I-pin cursed! *GASP!* EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWNS DO THAT TO YOU~ ♥ ]

Entry 7, I believe

The dance is tomorrow, and here I am worrying about what dress to wear. The short black one I got at the mall, or the red, flamenco-type dress that shows a long strip of leg with a v-neck and spaghetti straps. Decisions, decisions!

To Prince-sama:
Dancing practice with you is FUN. Care for another round? :D

To Brother Sasagawa:
Err, would you like me to move back to my room now? I feel like I've imposed on you for too long to be polite... >//<

To Dr. Shamal-san:
When would you like your welcome kiss, then? -^^- And I can be your nurse, really? :O What a wonderful learning opportunity! Wow, thanks you so much!

To a certain cow someone:
...Ok, I get what you said. So you wanted me to do this, right?
We are going to the dance together. I'd ask nicely, but you not been straight with me annoyed me. Couldn't you have just asked me yourself? Geez. You are taking me to the arcade the day after to make it up to me. Don't be late on picking me up.

It's a date, then. Oh god, I can't believe I said all this. >//< Stupid Lambo, you made ME ask YOU! I'm embarrassed now.


In case anyone's been wondering why I haven't been haunting this site for the past portion of the day, it's because I was busy perfecting my gaming skills. Yes, I've gotten quite addicted to Super Smash Bros; I've passed the one player modes with ALL the characters-- TWICE, and in ALL levels (easy, medium, hard, you get the picture). I've also been perfecting my combos with Sheik on Training Mode, so... Brother Sasagawa, Dino-san, Hibari-san: Bring it on. I hope you're ready to lose. >D

Also! Anyone else who wants to join us in playing is more than welcome to! In fact, consider this as a challenge letter to all of you. I want to see if there's ANYONE who can beat me. ;) I doubt it, but I could use the entertainment in watching some attempts. *sweet smile* Not to mention this game is LOADS of fun... and really rather addicting.

So, yeah, competitors can go to Brother Sasagawa's room! Tourney is a-go! Oh, and I made some goodies after all that gaming, because I seriously needed a rest-- so there's chocolate cake, several flavors of mocchi, gnocchi, pasta, pizza, some green tea I brewed (brought from Japan), Earl Grey tea because it's really yummy, cheesecake, strawberry tarts, and I learned how to make some gelatto! :D So there's quite a spread, as you can tell-- and it'll be available for Tourney competitors, because I need someone to eat all this? Gosh, maybe I got a little carried away... ^^;

Do tell me if you want to join! :D I'll be waiting! -^^- *proceeds to go hack the gaming console to make it accessible to more than four players at once*

[ooc: OMG, I-pin has become a gamer. D: And if you notice, she knows how to attract the crowds- challenging those with strong, competitive spirits and making goodies to bribe those with a sweet tooth. ;D woo, she's good. :O MELEE TIME! >D]

Entry 5: Wah, help me, PLEASE! ;o;

He~elp, I'm stuck!!! *scared*

So I was looking for a way to close the windows' shutters because I felt like taking a nap and the sun was disturbing me... when I found this big, red button hidden close by.

I seriously thought it was the shutters, so I pushed it. To my surprise, not only did METAL shutters completely block the windows, but the whole room was sealed up! Then I casually comment this to Prince-sama and he tells me I pressed the room lockdown button, which I wasn't supposed to. WAAAAH! ;___;

After he told me that, I panicked and looked for a way out, but I didn't find any!!! WAAAH, I'm scared! Also, I am getting claustrophobic! I swear the walls are closing in on me! >.< It's... getting.. harder... to.. breathe...




Someone, please, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! ;^;


Entry 4: I'm in ITALY?! :O

I still can't believe I am in Italy! :o Everything in here is so bright and elegant and wonderful! *starstruck* I don't think I deserve such luxury... *sighs happily* I don't even know why I was brought here. :O Something involving Tsuna-nii... Oh, dear, I hope it's nothing bad! *worried*

Luckily I was able to find a replacement for me at my job! -^^- (Many costumers were eager to help me.. So kind! :D) I just feel guilty for poor Taki-san, who Ma cajoled into working and letting me receive all of his earnings. ><'|| I'd have protested more, but it was time to go. ;o;

I am so glad this room has a computer! Now that I think about it, that's so incredibly fancy. :O The whole room is like that, though.. Very spacious and roomy, too. It's really very great. -^o^-

I think I have a room mate, but he or she doesn't seem to be around. I should know, I checked. There are some luggages here, though, so I guess this person arrived before me? I wonder who it is and if I know them... I hope we can get along! ^o^

As for right now, the day seems so clear and bright, I just might go outside for a walk. That should be allowed, right? I don't see why not, everything seems perfectly safe... Mmm, I'll ask anyway. *nods to self* Well, that's all for now! Sorry I ramble so much. >//< Hope you all had a safe trip too, and are enjoying this as much as I am! Baibai! <3


Entry 3! (work related; first day review)

 So I thought I should describe my job, as this IS a journal, after all, and it IS a rather important part of my life.

I'll start by describing the establishment and the people:

"Culinary Delights" is a rather roomy restaurant located a block from Namimori Middle School. It has a great selection of teas and desserts (most of which are Italian, as that is Maria-san's nationality), and incredibly delicious food, both western and Japanese. (I guess Chef Pete knows what he is doing.)

Speaking of them, they are the owners. Maria-san is a nice, Italian woman who seems to have taken me in as one of her own. :o She told me to call her Ma, and calls me bambina, and she guards me rather fiercely from strange boys that are not costumers. Chef Peter is American and rather overly-friendly (he likes to hug me a LOT, which makes Ma hit him with a frying pan), but I suspect he is a good person. ^^; Oh, and I didn't know until that day, but Ma and Chef Pete are married. :O Wow. That day I also met Alice-nee, a fellow waitress and a rather bubbly person. I like her too. ^^

I have to wear a uniform. It's a cute, Mandarin style red dress, with a little apron to cover it, of course. The skirt I felt was rather short, but when I pointed that out to Ma, she said not to worry, that it was just fine and muttered something about attracting costumers, whatever that meant. :o Chef Pete said it was just perfect (insert grin here), which made Ma hit him. Hard. Alice-nee just smiled mysteriously. O-kay? :O But since it's not short enough that it makes me look EASY or anything, I left it at that.

I ran late on the first day. >< I didn't have time to braid my hair, so I just left it like that. There was hardly anyone out that early in the morning, but the people that were keep looking at me, which made me wonder if I looked that weird and look foward to getting to the restaurant. I planned to braid it when I got there, but as soon as Ma saw me, she practically ordered me to leave it down, so I couldn't. >o< I thought it was the start of a bad day, which worried me because Ma had promised me a raise if I got a lot of costumers, and I really wanted it.

In the end, it was all okay though! *beams* I got LOTS of costumers. most of which were boys, which I thought was weird, but as they gave me large tips, I didn't mind. ^^ The others' reactions were funny, though: Ma would smile at them (costumers!) until they left. Then she'd proceed to curse them out in rapid Italian. Chef Pete would grumble that he didn't like sharing, which made Ma hit him even more than usual. Alice-nee would just GRIN at it all. They were really needy and kept calling me for stuff, which made me work more and harder than ever. ><

But I got that raise, which made it ALL worth it . When Ma gave me the raise, Chef Pete sobbed and said something about "NOOOOO, my MONEY!! COME BAAACK!!". That earned him three fists to the face. Yes, I punched him too. Surprised? So was I. I was about to apologize, but Ma and Alice-nee started laughing, which made me laugh too and there went my apology. 

All in all, it was a good day's work!:D I think I will continue to enjoy working there. I've already become fond of the staff, that's for sure. Make sure to stop by sometime! I'll look foward to serving you. ^^

Not really an entry...

Sick of the angst Just done working. Currently out for tea with Prince-sama, and enjoying Maria-san's delicious desserts. I'll write an entry on how...interesting work was later.

Whenever you guys get over your egotistical selfs and stop wallowing in self-pity solve your problems with each other, I'll be waiting to have fun with you again. ^^

As for me, I have dirt to get on some people a royal tea party to enjoy. Ta-ta!

Oh, and to Xanxus-san: I know you told me to not listen to him, but you took too long answering my question so I went and talked to him for HOURS anway. Please don't be mad! ^^;; I mean, can you blame me? He's the only other person who seems to be both evil AND straight! Sorry in advance! :D

Second Entry

    I think I may be in trouble. I seem to be stuck in this time period. Not that I don't like talking with all of you-!! I just think I should get back. There are things I need to do.. Oh, no, Old man Kawahiro! He needs help in the ramen shop! And I need the money for college... In fact, I need to STUDY for college. Plus, I'm worried about my past self... *frowns worriedly*

 Mmm, maybe I could get a job in the nice restaurant in front of this cyber cafe. And I guess I could borrow some textbooks from Sawada-san. if you don't mind, of course? ^^ Apart from that, all I can do is wait, it seems. I can't find that jerk of a cow Lambo anywhere. (and because I know you are going to ask: yes, Prince-sama, he is Beef, as you call him ^^;)

  I'll make it work out somehow! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an interview at a restaurant to take. :D Xie, xie! (that's goodbye in Chinese, in case some of you get confused :D)

Edit: Oh, dear, I just got asked out by Longchamp-san. *doesn't know how to respond*